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You can read all about the thousands of meals we serve every week, all of the classes we teach, and the interest-free loans and scholarships, but it is also important to learn about the effect that comes from providing these services.  When YOU give to VAMOS! you do more than feed a child, or help someone in school.  YOU change lives.  YOU make a real difference. YOU create smiles and provide hope.
YOU are a part of these everyday stories from the women and children of VAMOS!



She grew up very poor near Veracruz.

She has never owned a new pair of shoes.

They moved to Cuernavaca six months ago.

Her husband works as a helper on construction sites.

He is paid about 600 pesos a week. (About $28 U.S.)

They are able to rent one room to live in.

With their four boys.

You can see their entire home.

No kitchen or refrigerator.

The toilet is outside, behind a curtain.

VAMOS! helps poor families with food, education and medical care.


Step through the door at our downtown Cuernavaca center called Casa Tatic and you’ll hear all of the normal sounds of a well-run school – teachers speaking to a class, children working on projects, computer keyboards clicking and pre-school children laughing and playing.  There is clearly a warm and welcoming atmosphere here.  Now, head down the hall to where our 5th and 6th grade children are learning and there, sitting at her table, you’ll meet the heart of the center.  Her name is Yeritl. 

VAMOS! has a special education program for poor famiies in Mexico
VAMOS! treats everyone with dignity and repect.



When you’re aware of all the suffering in the world and aware that there’s even more you don’t know about, it can be easy to feel that things will never change or that no change will ever be big enough or important enough. VAMOS! taught me that change is possible, and it is happening every day in these centers. VAMOS! is changing the lives of individuals, families, and the communities they live in.



Brandon is a young man who I have know for many years.  He was one of those children who was always in the thick of things, taking guitar lessons, signing up for computer classes, studying English, and taking advantage of every opportunity that VAMOS! offered. In 2019 his father died in a motorcycle accident and  Brandon and his family faced heartbreaking challenges.  VAMOS! was there to help.  I recently bumped into Brandon and asked him about his VAMOS! experiences. 

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