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VAMOS! Board of Directors

The VAMOS! Board was formed in 1987 and has always reflected the founders beliefs and the families that have worked hard to build and maintain the spirit and the loving culture of VAMOS!  In October 2013, VAMOS! made the decision to hire our first employee here in the U.S. The work of managing VAMOS! had become more than a volunteer board could effectively manage. In order for our organization to continue to grow, to fundraise, to expand and to implement our exceptional programs and services for the poor in Mexico, the Board moved to create the position of Executive Director and hired Sean Dougherty. Sean served for 8 years as Director of Operations for Hopeworks, a nonprofit located in Camden, NJ.  Sean brought with him a wealth of fund-raising and nonprofit governance experience. Sean served as Vice President of the VAMOS! board since 1999. As a board officer, he has been a part of the growth of VAMOS! and was familiar with the values and philosophy that serve as our foundation. VAMOS! remains incorporated in Weston, VT.

Board Photo 22_edited_edited.jpg
Pictured are VAMOS! Board of Directors members: Alys Allardyce, Lisa Coleman, Gene Pfeifer, Susan Dougherty, Richard Dougherty, Kimberley Dougherty and Executive Director, Sean Dougherty

VAMOS! Board of Directors

Richard F. Dougherty, President

Lisa Coleman, Vice-President

Gene Pfeifer, Treasurer

Kimberley Dougherty, Secretary

Alys Allardyce

Mark Doorley & Cathy Nevins

Susan Dougherty

Several long-time founding Board Members have passed away in recent years and we would like to lovingly remember them and their wonderful spirit and dedication to the work of VAMOS!

Bill & Patricia Coleman, Bob Coleman, Richard (Dick)  & Agnes Dougherty,  

Jack Dwyer, Ike Patch, Neil & Patricia Kluepfel, and Father Michael Smith.

Also many THANKS to long-time retired Board Members Nancy Dwyer,

Katrina Costello and Malcolm and Nancy Bell.

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